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  • April 2015
    ETA Testing Technology Co., Ltd was registered.
    June 2015
    Safety & Performance laboratory was established.
    November 2016
    ETA Testing Technology Co.,Ltd passed NVLAP and CNAS accreditation.
Company Profile

Hangzhou ETA Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional third-party testing and certification body with many years of product testing and certification experience. It provides professional services for lighting and product safety and performance testing. It specializes in testing and certification in North America. It is also rich in Experience in European market certification. Division I in full accordance with the requirements of the United States NVLAP laboratory construction, and meet the ISO / IEC 17025 qualification requirements, with the United States and Europe, a number of large institutions, such as UL, ITSTUV-SUD have a good cooperation, has made China CNAS National Laboratory And NVLAP qualification certificates, and thus by the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization (ILAC) recognition. At the same time we are also CCIC-SET lighting safety accredited laboratories, can be pre-screening services CCC. , Also has a wealth of experience in the European market certification. We are in good faith and reliable cooperation principles to customer satisfaction with the price to provide quality services. Professional, timely, honest, convenient is our service goals. Since the establishment of the company, has been successful for hundreds of business units to provide testing and certification services, has been widely recognized. The future we will continue to self-improvement, forge ahead, for the customer value service. Choose billion tower, we will provide you with better service. , Also has a wealth of experience in the European market certification.