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Complaint report

       To regulate the professional behavior of managers and all employees at all levels of the company, strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations and prevent the company from harming the interests of the company, any staff and stakeholders (such as customers, suppliers and cooperation Institutions, etc.) for real name or anonymous report.

    Report range

     A) other corrupt practices that harm the economic interests of the company or seek improper economic interests of the organization;

     B) deliberately conceal, misstate the transaction, so that there is false information disclosure, misleading statements or major omission;

     C) transfer transactions that would normally benefit the organization from others;

     D) Illegal use of company assets, corruption, misappropriation, theft of company assets;

     E) falsification, alteration of accounting records or vouchers, provision of false financial reports;

     F) divulge the company's business or technical secrets;

     G) accept bribes or rebates.


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