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Blu-ray hazard measurement is about to force your home lighting safe?

Blu-ray hazard measurement is about to force your home lighting safe?

      Blu-ray hazards have been the focus of attention recently. According to the standard IEC 62471, the blue light hazard mainly refers to the photochemical reaction caused by the optical radiation between 300nm and 700nm, which leads to the harm of retinal damage. LED products because of the more abundant blue components, and bare LED light source brightness is often high, so there may be blue LED light hazard risk risks.

      Who is vulnerable to Blu-ray damage?

      Susceptible to three types of people: delicate children, suffering from diabetes, taking the drug after the staff. Infants' eyes are most vulnerable to Blu-ray damage. Because the baby's lens is relatively clear, it is difficult to filter blue light. 0 to 2 years old, about 70-80% of the blue light can penetrate the lens to reach the retina; 2-10 years old, about 60-70% of the blue light will be exposed to the retina. Therefore, in the treatment of neonatal jaundice with blue light, the doctor must use black cloth to cover the baby's eyes, to avoid being hurt. Diabetes after 10 years of development, have retinal lesions, the retina to bear the light damage greatly reduced, there are drugs, many of our lives in the drug is photosensitive, we eat the medicine, the light injury may be More obvious. Reporters interview medical experts, that there are no less than twenty kinds of photosensitivity drugs, including doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, oral hypoglycemic agents D-860 are more commonly used. Patients taking these drugs, not only with the lights to be careful, the sun should be extra careful.

     Blu-ray hazards will be forcibly measured

     Recently, the China Quality Certification Center issued a notice, the latest version of the national mandatory standard GB 7000.1-2015 "Lighting Part 1: General requirements and test" will be implemented, since January 1, 2017 onwards, the center will use the new standard implementation certification Issued a new version of the standard certification, no longer issued the old standard certification. For products that have been certified by the old version of the standard, the application for the conversion of the new standard certificate should be submitted to the Center prior to the end of the first follow-up check after the standard implementation date; all old standard certification passes at the latest of December 31, 2017 Day, overdue completion, the center will suspend the old standard certificate. After March 31, 2018, the certificate of conversion has not been completed and the center will revoke the old standard certificate.

     The new version of the standard in particular increased the requirements of the blue light hazards

     Compared with the old standard, the new version of the standard made a number of amendments, one of the important increase in the requirements of the blue light hazards, such as:

      1, with a full LED or LED module lamps should be based on IEC / TR 62778 for Blu-ray hazard assessment;

      2, for children with removable lamps and night lights, 200mm distance measured in the blue light hazard level shall not exceed RG1;

      3, for the removable lamps and portable lights, if the 200mm distance measured at the blue light hazard level than RG1, you need to highlight the location outside the lamp marked "Do not stare at the light source to see" symbol;

      4, for fixed lamps, if the 200mm distance measured at the blue light hazard level than RG1, you need to test to determine the lamp just in the RG1 when the critical distance.