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  • ISO9001 quality management system

      ISO 9000 series of standards is the International Organization for Standardization standards set up, and quality management system. ISO 9000 series is not only a new quality assurance system, but a normal organization should be the direction of the work, comprehensive reference to the existing management tools to do a systematic planning.

      ISO 9001 is the world's first quality management system standard BS 5750 (BSI written) from the conversion, ISO 9001 is by far the world's most mature quality framework, the world's 161 countries / regions, more than 750,000 organizations are Use this framework. ISO 9001 not only for the quality management system, but also for the overall management system set a standard. It helps organizations to achieve success through improved customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and continuous improvement.

      In the 21st century, the pace of development of information technology has been accelerating, and many enterprises have realized their core competitiveness. QIS quality management information system has been fully applied and popularized in automobile, electronics and other industries to support the ISO9001 quality management system Electronic provision of platform support, and embedded standard QC seven practices, TS five manuals, quality management model, for the ISO9001 quality management system digitalization possible.

      The ISO 9001 quality management system is suitable for any organization, regardless of its size or department, who wish to improve its operations and management. However, to achieve the best return on investment, the company should be prepared to implement the system throughout the organization, rather than in specific locations, departments or divisions.

      In addition, ISO 9001 can be compatible with other management system standards and specifications (eg OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System). They can be seamlessly integrated through "integrated management". They have many common principles, so the choice of integrated management system can bring great economic benefits.